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Howe Heating & Plumbing, Inc. has used Two Way Solutions, Inc. for several decades, starting with our Motorola 2-way radio system. Two Way Solutions, Inc. Two-Way has now introduced us to Network Fleet GPS units for our fleet of service vehicles. We are very happy with the results, increased efficiency, productivity and faster response time to our customers’ needs.
Thank you Two Way Solutions, Inc. Two-Way!

~ Josh Howe & Justin Howe | Owners ~

We have used Two Way Solutions, Inc. and Motorola since at least 1986 and probably before that. Two Way Solutions, Inc. Two-Way and Motorola have always recognized our need to plan wisely for the future while giving us the best value for our investment.

~ Mitch Wiese | Tri-State Security ~

We use Motorola 2-way radios in the day-to-day operation of our manufacturing facility. We depend on Two Way Solutions, Inc. to maintain our repeaters and 2-way radios. We work closely with the team at Two Way Solutions, Inc. Two-Way on a regular business- we have a strong business relationship.
Thanks everyone!

~ Union County Sheriff’s Office | Sheriff’s Office ~

Hamlin County and its emergency responders have come to expect the very best when it comes to communications equipment. That’s why we rely on Motorola equipment from Two Way Solutions, Inc.

~ David Schaefer and “Sarge” | Hamlin County Emergency Management ~

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